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Frost Creek Beverage

Margarita Machine Rental & Drink Mix. Popular Snow Cone and 
many other flavors to enjoy.


* Machine Rental for Events

* Machine Sales

* Machine Service on all drink mix equipment for the Chicago land and Dallas Metroplex area

* Beverage Mixes or create custom flavors

Welcome to Frost Creek Beverage!

When you visit Frost Creek Beverage.com, you're in for a treat. Experience our fresh and scrumptious flavors or any of our other mouthwatering mixes made with pure can sugar. Our products are renowned for their creative combinations of flavors and mixes and are manufactured by Frost Creek Beverage L.P. We offer machine rentals, purchase and machine service.

Our attentive staff can help answer questions you may have about our services and products that you may be interested in. We will be adding unique flavors and mixes as we develop and expand our selection. 

Frost Creek Beverage is the perfect destination for your next night out or event, whether an intimate dinner for two or a large group celebration, we have you covered. We serve residential or business needs.

Please call for reservations or place orders at orders@frostcreekbeverage.com.