Frost Creek Craft Espresso Coffee Soda comes in a clear 12oz glass bottle. Find very little active carbonation with a lofty, thick beer-like tan head.

Its smooth, mellow and dark liquid has a smoky French roast aroma, and its thick viscosity makes it almost easy to forget that this is a pop version of the real thing. Unmistakably espresso, Espresso Coffee Soda is shockingly true to the claim of flavor: a deep, tannic and complex taste that is preserved like Thai coffee. The look and feel of this drink is truly smoky with a refined body--an unbelievable taste treat for any coffee-lover.

In summary, Espresso Coffee Soda:

  • comes in a glamorous 12 ounce glass bottle
  • is hand brewed from freshly roasted coffee beans
  • has a smoky French roast aroma with a deep and complex taste similar to Thai coffee

Pair it with anything you'd pair an iced coffee with, but don't be surprised if the bold flavor overtakes one of the accompanying foods! Wake up and smell the Frost Creek Beverage Espresso Coffee Soda! Order your pack today!

12 pk Craft Espresso